A wine passion

Specialists in the distribution of fine wines since 1983, our experience has always enriched us with knowledge and beautiful bottles. Our know-how is now recognised even beyond our borders, and we are thus able to make it available to a greater number of people, while retaining our spirit of craftsmanship and of rarities “finder”.

We share this passion with the artists who supply us with these beautiful bottles, but also with you, amateurs or novices, beginners or experts, who force us to achieve excellence. Our choices are guided above all by our "favorites", and more than 2 000 references are offered to you in order to brighten your palate.

Come and join us, we will be even better.

Sylvain Lancette and all the team La Cave Trie Château

Email : contact@lacavetriechateau.com

Phone number : +33 (0) 334 471 389